Empowering Others To Spark Change In Their Own Lives!

Key Areas of Interest:



Most people are good at many things, but very few actually know what it is that they're meant to do in life. This Personal Development Plan is tailored specifically to you, based on what your driving force in life is! You and I will partner together and construct a detailed plan that builds disciplinary and healthy habits that gear you towards your ultimate goal. Do this - Think about the one thing that if you had the power to change, you would. If it bothers you to where you are constantly looking for others to improve its' state of being, it's a great possibility that 'YOU' are destined to fix and/or improve it!


Mentorship can be defined in a number of facets. Having someone in your corner who can hold you accountable to your dreams is invaluable, because we can only push ourselves so far before we burn out! I look to provide you with the support and tools that you need to stay in alignment with your goals in life. Credibility doesn't just come with credentials, it also comes with the understanding of knowing that you have people in you corner that want the absolute best for you, even if they don't fully know you.... and I am that person for you!


Networking is key in all capacities! However, social media Platforms like LinkedIn, Shapr and Instagram are vital to ones professional success, being that we're in a day and age to where 90% of all news, job postings, etc... are handled via social media. Together we can develop and/or strengthen your skills by using relevant tools to increase your understanding of how these platforms work, how to refine your engagements so that you're maximizing your efforts in meeting the right people, and connecting you to influential people relative to what your specific interest are.


Most people aren't bad when it comes to money, they simply just don't have an in-depth understanding of how money works, which ultimately hinders the possibility of allowing money to work for them. Through learning the different cashflow quadrants and disciplined decision making, one can change their financial understanding in the blink of an eye! Together, we can get you to that point and drastically change your financial future for the better!


Spirituality and religion are definitely sensitive topics to speak on, however they are topics that people have so many questions about and see answers to. I am a firm believer of the Kingdom of God and I've dedicated my life to seeking the Kingdom and helping others find their way in Christ! I am no theologian, but I am a man of purpose and I've been walking in the authority that God has given me ever since I gave my life to Christ! If you are one who is lost and you're seeking to find you own deeply-rooted and unique relationship with God, then I'd love to accompany you on your journey!


Everyone wants to be a great leader, but most people don't first learn how to be a great follower! learning what industry you want to be a leader in is obviously important, but believing that you have the capacity to be a great leader is most important! Together, we can tailor specific disciplines that build the necessary characteristics of the leader that you're seeking to become.